Hey team,

Just throwing out the idea that during these virtual times and COVID19, we have missed out on the majority of our 2020 season. Rather than dwell on what we missed, let’s lift each other up, promote one another and our sponsors. By liking, sharing, and supporting everyone associated with our team through our respective social media pages and websites, we can regain momentum to be ready and charged for the upcoming 2021 season!

With over 500 of us on Team INFINT Performance we can really make a difference and have a STRONG social media impact. Let’s start a chain reaction a like for a like, a comment for a comment, a share for a share and interact with each other’s social media and websites so that we can help promote our team and partners through exposure by numbers.

To start, this is what I have been using for our partners when tagging and mentioning them or their products on my website or through social media. If you have been using a specific #HashTag or found something that is working well for you and would like to share, I would like to add it to my list below and implement it when possible.

Infinit Nutrition Image Image Image
#IamInfinit #TeamInfinitPerformance #TeamInfinitInfinitNutrition
Ventum Image Image Image
#BeYourFastestSelf #Ventum #MyVentum
Ceramic Speed Image Image Image
#PartOfTheVictory #CeramicSpeedInside
Flo Cycling Image Image Image
BlueSeventy Image Image Image
#BlueSeventy #AllForTheSwim
Stages Cycling Image Image Image
#StagesCycling #WattsUp
Amp Human Image Image Image
#WeAreAmplified #AmpHuman
NormaTec Image Image Image
Zealios Skincare Image Image Image
#ZealiosSkincare #TeamZealios
All 3 Sports Image Image Image
HFP racing Image Image Image
#HFPracing #FitFamilySeries

Here is my information and please, feel free to add yours to the comments below if you would like to participate.

Author: Van Nou Af

Team Infinit Performance Age Group Triathlete