I have always loved endurance sports. From trekking across the backcountry in AK on my Fatbike to rafting the mighty Colorado from start to finish. However one of the biggest hurdles I have always faced was my nutrition. How do you pack enough calories without the weight? It was the search for the answer to that very question that left me experimenting in more ways than one, from this to that over the course of 15 years.

When I got into Multisport, I started to focus more on what were my caloric requirements for a given period of time and effort. This took me down the path of consulting with a nutritionist and getting tested in order to find what my baseline was and is. Without boring you with the details, it was identified that I needed to put in roughly 300 calories per hour for every hour of effort I was putting out. Naturally this would vary based on my effort and several other variables. That is where I will spare you the details as that is another topic of conversation altogether. So we will just call this, my baseline my average… and that average is roughly 300 calories per hour.

This is what 300 calories roughly looks like: (photos are courtesy of Healthy Eater)

1 medium baked potato
2 tablespoons sour cream
2 tablespoons salsa
1 cup sliced melon
12 oz water

6 oz of chicken
1 cup of green beans
2 pats of low-fat butter
1 small tossed salad
2 tablespoons reduced fat oil and vinegar dressing
12 oz water

Safe to say that is still a lot to pack and carry with you. Especially when you consider the real estate that is available to you while on a bike and running. The luxury to set the table and pull up a seat is not an option. Needless to say that my nutrition took on a whole new meaning, and I had to find ways to take it in liquid form. I eventually found my groove and was able to pair down my nutrition to a few bottles and gels to keep me sustained for 5 hours. Mind you that did not including my hydration needs! However, this was still a better alternative than having to find a way to pack the dinner table with me – not by much though, as the picture denotes.

After years of participating in endurance sports and experimenting with my nutrition, I struggled to find the right mix, balance and new clever ways to carry it all. I was getting pretty tapped out as I was needing to make adjustments to my nutrition plan but was very limited in what I could do. That was when I was introduced to Infinit Nutrition two years ago from Jake Rhyner a Pro Triathlete that was representing Maverick Multisport, who I now have the honor and privilege to race for as an age grouper in the 2017 season. Long story short… It is a safe bet that I have finally found my mainstay. My go to!

Infinit Nutrition is my all in one. That is right, my all in one that includes my hydration. I finally found the answer to all my nutrition needs in which my calories and hydration were all in one bottle. No more having to pack my nutrition separate from my hydration. No more gus, gels or salt tabs. It’s all in one bottle now!

INFINIT is designed to be an all-in-one nutrition solution to eliminate the need for juggling gels, bars, and pills in training and on race day. Using both solids plus liquids in your fueling plan can make consistency with your nutrition strategy difficult to maintain. Simplicity leads to performance, and that’s what INFINIT accomplishes with their custom blends. The goal being that the solution entering your stomach be isotonic (meaning they have a similar concentration to that of your bodily fluids) in order to process and digest with the least stress. With an all-in-one liquid nutrition plan, you can ensure what is in your gut is isotonic and that you’re getting the exact amount of calories and electrolytes that your body requires in order to keep it going.

INFINIT recommends that you use two different blends: A blend specifically for the bike portion of training and racing that includes protein, and a blend for the running portion of training and racing that does not include any protein. Protein, by its nature, tends to foam when agitated.  Therefore not recommend for running as a good friend of mine learned the hard way during the New York City Marathon in which it sent him sprinting to the nearest porta potty 14 miles in with some serious GI issues and distress.

I did have to personally play with their formula and blend until I found my own custom mix that was suited for me and my palate. INFINIT will custom blend a mix and formula that is specific to you and your needs based on your requirements. My recommendation is to start with their single packs first. This way you have a baseline to start from when you speak with one of their consultants to create your own mix, which you have the ability to adjust your options from Flavor Level, Calories, Electrolytes, Caffeine, and Carbs.

Infinit is so customizable to someone and there needs that everyone is going to have a different blend and flavor profile that is suited to them and only them. This in itself means that you may like yours on the sweeter side, or you may require more electrolytes and less caffeine and so on. You see where I am going with this? Everything can be adjusted so this review is based on my personal experience using my years of finding the right combination and solution to my nutritional needs. Infinint has been a godsend and has answered my nutritional needs after 15 years. My one downside is that I wish they offered a product in gel form for the run to make it a little easier to carry vs a bottle as I personally do not like running with bottles.

When you’re ready, schedule your FREE consultation with one of their specialist using their Complimentary Custom MIX Service.  Your specialist will also go over ways in which to carry, fuel and stay hydrated with your own personal custom mix eliminating the need for anything outside gus, gels, pills, bars or solid foods.

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Infinit Nutrition | Your Custom Nutrition Review

Author: Van Nou Af

Team Infinit Performance Age Group Triathlete